My Mom-Friendly Summer Fashion Essentials

Leaving the house with a baby or toddler is not easy. It takes literally forever to get ready. They either need to eat, need to be changed, want you to hold them, or they are getting into something. My son just recently started crawling so he is always on the move! Once you have gotten your little one ready then it is the hard part, getting yourself ready. Even if you haven’t showered or eaten, you would at least like to brush your teeth, put a cute outfit on, and a little mascara, am I right? We all know the struggle so you are not alone!

As hard as it is for me to get ready, I always like to look put together when I go out. Even if I got ready in 10 minutes, you can never tell ;). I want to share a few of my go to simple, yet cute and comfortable outfits for a mom on the go! I will post links for these items at the bottom!

When I pick my outfits I always start with my top! From there I can decide which bottoms I want, then shoes and accessories. My go to is always a light v-neck tee or a tank if it is super hot out! I like my tank straps thicker so that my bra straps don't show. In my opinion it looks sloppy and they are not meant to be shown! If you have that problem often or want to wear a thinner strapped tank, a nice strapless bra would be a good investment.

After I choose my top I go to the bottoms. These high waisted vintage shorts are always my favorite! They really go with anything. I bought them as pants from GoodWill and cut them into shorts. You can really wear a white tee with anything! Next is shoes. These Sam Edelman Gladiator Sandals are my favorite! I have two pair and I wear them almost every day. I always have my goldbar necklace with my sons name on it and a watch so I know if my son needs to be fed or take a nap! Perfume is a must too! Especially if you did not have time to shower! One squirt of this will last you all day. Finally, I always have a giant purse. It can fit my sons toys, bottle, binkis, wipes, and all of my things as well if I am running into the store quickly and don't want to bring the whole diaper bag out of the car! You can only carry so many things!

ps. don't forget a hair tie in case you get hot and need to put it up! or if you didn't get to brush your hair ;)

I love quick, easy, adorable outfits! What is your go to outfit for errands? Do you have any favorite accessories? How long does it take you to get ready?