Baby Weight?! Never Heard Of It!

What’s up guys! It’s Kelly and today I am going to talk about some great exercises for postpartum mommas or just anyone really! I am in no way a personal trainer, these are just some exercises that helped me a lot and I wanted to share them with anyone struggling!

                   Me at 38 weeks pregnant!

When I became pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I started at 108 pounds, ended my pregnancy at 140, and now, 9 months postpartum, I am back down to 108 pounds! (I am only 5’2 and breastfeeding totally helped the process). I exercised throughout my pregnancy too. But, it is possible to do this. I understand that for some women it is a heck of a lot harder for them to lose weight and what not, but this is a judge free zone. Don’t even judge yourself! If you want it, get it girl! Exercising will make you feel so much better about yourself and you will over all feel so much healthier.

I like to alternate my days between cardio, legs, and abs. My week usually looks something like this:

Sunday - Cardio 30min - 1 hour

Monday - Legs/Arms

Tuesday - Cardio 30min - 1 hour/Abs

Wednesday - Legs/Arms

Thursday - Cardio 30min - 1 hour/Abs

Friday - Legs/Abs

Saturday - Rest or maybe some cardio ;)

* I try to keep my cardio limited because I do not want to lose weight! If you are looking to lose weight I would try doing cardio 4-5 days a week.

For me, my problem area is from my belly button to my hips/thighs and my booty! So here are some simple exercises that I love to do for those areas! (Again, I am not a personal trainer!)


Leg Raises: These are fantastic for the lower belly pooch! Lay flat on your back, arms at your side, and lift your legs as high as you can. Slowly bring them back down about an inch from the floor, and repeat! Burns so good! I usually do 5 reps of 10.

                              7 Months Postpartum!

Seated Twist With Weight: Sit on your bottom, extend your legs about an inch from the ground, and taking a weight (I usually use between 5-10lbs), and while keeping your feet off the floor, twist from side to side as if your are turning around. I do 50 - 100 of these.


Squats: I do squats with a 15 pound kettlebell, (the bar hurts my back because I got into a car accident last year). Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, squat as far down as you can, and slowly go back up, squeezing your cheeks! Try to keep your back as straight as possible when doing this, it helps to look in the mirror! I usually do 4 reps of 15.

Reverse Lunges: Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart, bring one leg back as if you are getting into a “proposing stance” and then come back up. I do 5 - 6 sets of 12.

I don't do much for my arms, just some pushups, bicep curls, and tricep dips. I don't want muscular arms! As for cardio, that is totally up to you and what you can handle. I personally hate doing cardio inside! I love going for runs through my neighborhood. Cardio is definitely a must if you are trying to lose weight and burn fat! Just remember to eat well and have portion control too!

I hope this helps some of you mommas struggling and trying to find some at home exercises! If you don’t have weights you can always use your baby ;)

Are you struggling with losing the baby weight? What are you trying to do to get rid of it? Do you have any tips for new moms out there looking for help? Share your information and stories in the comments section!


The Great Michigan Road Trip Pt 2

Jessi here, sad that our trip around Michigan's upper peninsula is coming to a close :(. It went by entirely too fast. I left off my last post as we had just arrived in Copper Harbor, MI. In my opinion it was the highlight of the trip.

When you are cruising with the windows down, going north on M-41 the world seems like a much more wild place. The roads wind through the hilly forests, offering the occasional, but spectacular, view of Lake Superior as well as inland lakes. Wild flowers dapple the sides of the road, and the air is crisp and clean. I have to reccomend the trip. It takes roughly 11 hours from metro Detroit, but there is hardly a dull stretch.

Our first day in Copper Harbor was spent hiking to Hunter's Point and taking a boat ride out to the lighthouse. This was the first lighthouse I have ever been too. I started out thinking how romantic it would be to tend a light house in somewhere as remote as this. But as our guide and captain began to explain what really goes into the job of a lighthouse keeper, my romanticized notions went out the window. Bitter cold winters and devastating shipwrecks are just a few of the struggles they face. The stories he told made me grateful that I was born in the 1990's, not the 1890's. I love my creature comforts!

Yesterday was spent in Calumet and Houghton, bar hopping and walking around. I haven't drank all over the world yet, but I think Michigan is certainly a destination for beer lovers! The bars we went to had stained glass and murals from another time. They served such a variety of excellent beers that I don't think I had the same thing twice.

Now we are on the road to St. Ignace, and then to the Dark Sky Park in Mackinac to see the stars (weather permitting). Tomorrow we will finish our trip at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mi. We have tickets to the Blues, Brews, and BBQs tents, so we will be  stuffing our faces with all things BBQ! I'll be posting even more pictures on Instagram (@ourhappyhousesblog ) for you guys to follow along the end of our trip. Scroll through the pictures below for many reasons to visit The Upper Peninsula this summer!