How to Save Money at the Grocery Store!

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Hey everyone, Jessi here! Things have been pretty stressful lately. I don't want to get to far into it, but basically the sky is falling. Everyone around me seems to be going through a stressful time too. Wether it's relationships, family, health, circumstance or money everyone seems to be experiencing the same thing.

For me when I am stressed out it feels good to take control of something in my life. One way to do that is to get organized about spending. A great way to save money is to take a look at your grocery bill! The grocery store can make or break your budget. Between fruit, beer, steak, and the fact that Oreo seems to come out with a new flavor every week, it can be hard to temper your desire to buy everything and run.

I have my own system that I have developed after hundreds of trips to the store. The biggest part of successful shopping is intention! You have to get it in your head that you want to spend X amount, and then set up a plan to get there. 

The easiest way to make a plan for yourself? Download our free Meal Planner!  I use this planner to keep myself organized, healthy, and on budget!                   

meal planner page
inventory page

If you download our meal planner, you will find a page that outlines step by step how to use it. But I want to walk you through the whole process. I always like to have lots of produce, snacks and easy but nutritious meals on hand. Using this method I get everything I want to eat, plus beer and dog food and I usually only spend 100 dollars a week!

My Grocery Shopping Plan

  1. First thing I do is consult the inventory page in my Meal Planner. This is where I keep a list of the things I like to stock my kitchen with. Creating a versatile and inexpensive inventory is the #1 thing that makes this plan work. If you always keep chicken breast, rice, sweet potatoes, eggs and beans in your kitchen, you will never go hungry and you will be able to pull together lots of meals for not a lot of money. Try to include cheap foods that go a long way in terms of servings and nutrition. I go through my inventory list and make note of the things that I am out of. 
  2. Next I go into my meal planning pages and using my inventory as well as the list of seasonal produce, I begin to plan my meals and snacks for the week. I try to base my meals around my inventory and the addition of seasonal produce as well as a few special ingredients to keep myself from buying too many extra ingredients.
  3. Next I write my list! I make sure to include quantities so I don't over buy. It's also important to include snacks, sweets, and beverage on your list. In my experience if I budget a little bit of money on food I want but don't need, I'll spend less at the store and wont be tempted by all the munchies they have to offer because I already know I'll be getting a treat within my budget!
  4. Next, and don't forget to do this, I eat! Yep, I know this might not seem like it will save you money, but it so will. We are slaves to our bodies, and if you eat a big meal before you go shopping, you will spend less. I notice a 30-40 dollar difference when I take the time to eat a meal before I shop!
  5. Next it is time to go to the grocery store! You will need your list and a calculator. Use the calculator, I know it is an extra step, but since I started adding up my purchases as I put them in my cart I have saved 50-100 dollars a week! If you add up your total while you shop you will be much more conscious of how important certain things are to you. You might have to decide between things you want and you need to fit your budget (I mean isn't that the whole point of budgeting though?). Don't forget to shop the specials and seasonal produce. And sign up for your stores loyalty rewards program, it can be worth it, and costs you nothing. 
me and planner

There you have it! As you can see form that picture I ended up spending 108 dollars for this week (don't hate on being 8 bucks over!). I ended up with plenty of fruit, veggies, meat and even a case of beer! I really encourage you to download our meal planner and take charge of your grocery shopping. Do you have any tips for saving money at the store? I'd love to hear them, anything to save a buck!

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